Annual Maintenance Contracts

It is unavoidable to make annual maintenance of the substations to cope with the changing needs and requirements. Constant examination of the installations and connectivity could help maintain the statutory requirements and current regulations. 

We take up annual maintenance contracts of substations to make sure that the substations completely satisfy the essential requirements. We conduct a thorough check-up on the connectivity and equipment to understand the underlying issues if any. Any abnormalities will be resolved with immediate effect. The shutdown time of live lines is a matter of concern during annual maintenance. With us, the worry is never in vain. With our skill and expertise, we use the minimal time for the process and hence minimal shutdown time of live lines.

Why us?

We keep constantly updated on the current requirements and regulations of power transmission systems. The knowledge of the rules and regulations will help us perform the maintenance process effectively in no time. The use of state-of-the-art technologies will find and resolve issues in the system efficiently. The throughput of our operation will be a well-maintained power station that meets all the requirements and is out of danger.