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A survey is essential before the setup of a power station to understand the electrical resistance of the prescribed land. The comprehensive examination of land can help estimate the sustainability of the power stations in the area. Compared to the early days, innovations in technology have also changed the means of a survey. 

Power Carriers India have been conducting electrical resistance surveys across the country for years. Throughout these years, we have constantly acquired knowledge on the geological pattern of land and the different soil types. The knowledge thus attained is our strength in surveying land to understand the electrical resistance and sustainability of substations in the area. The newest innovations of tools and techniques are adapted to get a deeper throughput from the survey.

Why us?

The skill and knowledge of the surveyor should be considered when looking out for conducting a survey. With our years of experience in surveying, we could provide a closed-end land survey with utmost effectiveness. The tools and techniques we use for the surveys are technologically advanced and help attain data accuracy with minimal time requirements. The survey will give you a detailed view of the soil type, electrical resistivity, and archeological patterning of the proposed land.